Teaching holds the tension between certainty and ambiguity. When teachers plan units and lessons, we draw upon our craft knowledge to design a series of experiences with logic, flow, coherence, and outcomes, to name a few aspects. And teaching is ambiguous at the same time because in the course of a lesson, students respond in […]

For Bill Powell, gone so soon On the Adriatic Sea in the summertime the light on the water is like diamonds at midday. Without shadows the clean blue hues’ incessant sparkling hits the eye and may elicit tears. We lost someone recently, someone who has worked with teachers and schools to support generations of self-directed […]

Learning is scalable. The fractal of how we learn transfers into smaller versions of the full design—such as the specific process of learning how to write from personal significance, with a personalized process, seeking our own audiences and feedback to get better at writing. These patterns also transfer into larger-scale systems predicated on assumptions that […]

“There is always a need for anyone that can do a simple job thoroughly.” Charles Eames penned the statement above as part of his advice to students, and opens Maria Popova’s birthday post to the artist/designer. Eames, with his wife Ray, portrays interdisciplinary creativity in the ways he and Ray approached design. They made modern […]

The IBAP Conference last week provoked a lot of thinking. I was sitting at the Macau airport this morning, too early for my flight, still thinking about the conference ideas the day after the last breakout session. What we take away from a conference is often several exciting ideas, and it is always up to us […]

A student’s reflection recently illustrated how performance of understanding can emerge as a conceptual dialog between teacher and student. In this Arts inquiry, the Key concept is creativity and the Related concepts are expression, boundaries, narratives. The unit’s Global context is Identities and relationships, framing the learning around building expressive skills for performance, requiring the actor to […]

Use these questions to reflect on your first line of inquiry. Post your reflection as a comment to this post by Sunday, Feb 3 at 9.00 pm. • What did you learn about yourself as a learner? • How did this compare with your predictions? • What strategies did you use? • How could you […]