What might we learn from our learners about how school could be?

In rethinking the shift to constructivist approaches in the classroom, one guiding principle stands out as key in considerations around inquiry. Warren Berger, in his book A More Beautiful Question, captures the process of inquiry, “Ambitious, catalytic questioning tends to follow a progression, one that often starts with stepping back and seeing things differently and […]

Have you ever asked yourself what might happen if you thought up a unit’s conceptual framework, and let the students use what they know and can do to design their own learning? A unit taught recently began with explorations of the key concept and time spent formulating a definition of creativity by expanding the idea of the […]

Shifting toward using inquiry-based approaches to teaching and learning can be a big challenge for a teacher. The challenge seems to stem partly from the patterns of thinking that inquiry approaches require from the classroom. Deductive patterns of thinking most commonly used in traditional, test-driven systems are often barriers to being able to implement an […]

When we develop curriculum in schools, we’re saying “scope and sequence,” to mean the progression of learning experiences we design for our students. The term “scope and sequence” suggests that learning is a linear progression from a beginning point, through a series of points, ending at a particular point. This linear model might have evolved […]

For MYP 5 Language and literature This week our work focuses on synthesizing the understanding of the concepts in our unit. Your groups are responsible for making connections between the novel and the specific texts you are using to investigate the topics in the jigsaw. Your final exam guide is here.

We created questions about identity, which you posted on our wall last Thursday. You’ve investigated what key terms you would use to search for the answers to your questions. Now it’s time to find resources and follow your line of inquiry as you research using your key terms. Products expected the week of October 7-11: […]