For Bill Powell, gone so soon On the Adriatic Sea in the summertime the light on the water is like diamonds at midday. Without shadows the clean blue hues’ incessant sparkling hits the eye and may elicit tears. We lost someone recently, someone who has worked with teachers and schools to support generations of self-directed […]

Our new unit focuses on identity as it changes through time, place and space. Our key concept is┬áconnections. Pick a video to use from this list, make some connections to the key concept, and create some inquiry questions you are interested in pursuing as we learn. Please bring your questions to class on Monday April […]

In our discussion on October 17th, you brought up the ideas that the creature in Frankenstein exhibited some human qualities. he appreciated beauty of a spring day (the value of aesthetics) he was eager to find acceptance he was socialized by observing a family he was corrupted by rejection he felt remorse but also sought […]

Our task on October 10-11 is an action plan for an investigation. Watch this video to get an idea of what you need to do, and how the task will be assessed.   Details are available on Managebac.

We created questions about identity, which you posted on our wall last Thursday. You’ve investigated what key terms you would use to search for the answers to your questions. Now it’s time to find resources and follow your line of inquiry as you research using your key terms. Products expected the week of October 7-11: […]

To continue our inquiry into the concept of belonging, here’s another video. What do you see? Share your observations in class. And don’t forget to comment on this post on identity and relationships. You will all need to reply to at least 2 comments by tonight. Finally, this week, your assignment for our Facebook group […]

Our new unit is upon us! Unit Title: Stranger in a Strange Land Context: Community and Service Key concept: identity Related concepts: community, assimilation, adaptation, alienation Our inquiry is into what it means to be human and how we invent social selves to fit in to the communities we inhabit. To get us started, let’s […]