Is schooling completely future-oriented? What might be the boundaries presented to inquiring minds by orientation in time, place and space? The global context in the MYP “Orientation to time, place and space” presents the questions of “where” and “when,” as concepts organizing how individuals might think (IBO, 2015). Consider a few of the recurring misunderstandings in schools: […]

Metacognition within perceptions of time and self mediates attention. As an approach to learning skill, metacognition involves knowledge of cognition, which allows a person to actively control thinking during the thinking process. Hence it is often defined as “thinking about thinking.” Approaches to learning such as ways to monitor understanding, evaluating process and progress of […]

A student’s reflection recently illustrated how performance of understanding can emerge as a conceptual dialog between teacher and student. In this Arts inquiry, the Key concept is creativity and the Related concepts are expression, boundaries, narratives. The unit’s Global context is Identities and relationships, framing the learning around building expressive skills for performance, requiring the actor to […]

Part 2, ATL Articulation through the Core and Policies Criterion B in all MYP subjects including the Projects and Interdisciplinary Units (IDU)  explicitly unpack within its strands a learning cycle or process. Year 1s spent some time thinking about learning cycles, and below is an example of their understanding. The thinking visible in the sample above teaches […]

Our task on October 10-11 is an action plan for an investigation. Watch this video to get an idea of what you need to do, and how the task will be assessed.   Details are available on Managebac.

We created questions about identity, which you posted on our wall last Thursday. You’ve investigated what key terms you would use to search for the answers to your questions. Now it’s time to find resources and follow your line of inquiry as you research using your key terms. Products expected the week of October 7-11: […]

To continue our inquiry into the concept of belonging, here’s another video. What do you see? Share your observations in class. And don’t forget to comment on this post on identity and relationships. You will all need to reply to at least 2 comments by tonight. Finally, this week, your assignment for our Facebook group […]