Here are some resources for today’s investigation into developing a personal essay. Killing Chickens by Meredith Hall The Hard Part of Community College by Heal McKnight An Appointment with Dread by Alissa Nutting Essays to listen to by various authors  

Mithoo is an important character in the novel “Shabanu Daughter of the Wind” by Suzanne Fisher Staples. Mithoo is a camel, but he is a reflection of Shabanu’s character and life circumstances. Born as his mother was in death throes after she was bitten by a poisonous snake (15), Mithoo was birthed by Shabanu, signaling […]

Now that you’ve finished drafting the body paragraphs of your essay after brainstorming the ideas in them, you are ready to write the introduction paragraph. The introduction paragraph is an upside down triangle, meaning that it begins with a broad, general idea and ends with a very specific idea. The purpose of the introduction’s opening […]