Video Lesson

2.2.1 Sample introduction paragraph

Sample introduction paragraph

Imagine you and your family live in Bangkok during the Great Flood of 2011. The waters are rising, breaching dykes and overflowing from the waterways of your city. Soon, the media says, the water will submerge the first floor of your house. What would you do? Would you escape out of the city? A lot of families in Bangkok have done just that—escaping from the city to the neighboring cities and towns of Pattaya, Cha Am, Hua Hin. Some have even escaped farther to other countries. All to escape the flooding in Bangkok. But does going away really solve any thing other than the fact you won’t get drenched? Escaping from Bangkok flooding is a way to stay dry, but it doesn’t really solve any of the problems that the flooding brings, because many problems remain, such as extra expenses, problems of water and food distribution, and the issues of submerged roads.

2.1.5 Brainstorming and writing the body paragraphs

This video lesson is about brainstorming and writing your body paragraphs. The video is about brainstorming.

It’s important to brainstorm your ideas before you begin to write because that way, you will never be stuck while writing. You will already have a map of how to go about writing the paragraphs through your mindmap or brainstorm.

Criteria addressed: Criteria A Content and B Organization.

2.1.4 Combining the thesis statement and topic sentences into a divided thesis statement

It’s important to link the thesis statement and topic sentences of your five-paragraph essay. Linking or connecting these ideas helps you to improve the organization of your essay.

Later on, you will see that the combination of the thesis and topic sentences will be used to begin your essay, and to end it as well. Here below is the video on how to combine your thesis statement and topic sentences into one sentence called the divided thesis statement.

Criterion addressed: Criterion B Organization.

2.1.3 Writing a thesis statement and topic sentences

Here is the video explaining how thesis statement and topic sentences in a five-paragraph essay are linked together.

When you watch the video, take note of how the thesis statements and topic sentence connect to each other.

Your thesis statement must be supported by your topic sentences to make the organization of your essay work.

Criterion addressed: Criterion B Organization.