These are some examples of the types of travel writing from our menu. Personal Essays: Where the Roads Diverged by Catherine Watson Why We Travel by Pico Iyer Restaurant Reviews: Restaurant Reviews by Gourmet Traveller Hotel Reviews: A Killer Vacation by James Parker Delano Hotel in Miami by Oyster Reviews Social Commentary: An Unkindness of […]

for TR16E Concordian’s Class of 2016 This week, the incoming Year 5 will receive their Summer Reading Assignment. Things to Do To support you in this assignment, sign up as a follower of this blog by typing in your email into the space provided in the bar on the right hand side of the blog […]

In the introduction to our new unit, we also viewed a Youtube video about Facebook being the new record of memories. Gone are the scrapbooks, large photo albums and letters of old for sharing and documenting our lives. Instead, we share on a mostly public wall these artifacts that make up our identities and development. […]

How do people change when the setting changes? Our task for the next three nights is to spend a TOTAL of 30 minutes on Facebook to observe the following: How do people show their levels of intimacy through the language of their posts or conversations on FB? How do people show emotion on FB? Observe […]

Our task today is to examine two texts. Text A is a blog. Text B is a feature article in an online news publication. To what extent does the point of view shift the way a text is written? Use your notes on text vs. author’s context to help you address this question. Please send […]

Our task for the next few days is to develop a concept map. Choose one of the unit concepts from our current unit (aesthetics, form, truth) or the inquiry this week (creativity, flow and creative process) and create a concept map. Criteria addressed will be Content – how well you unpack and connect the concept […]

View the presentation slides embedded in this post and ponder the ideas that formed the period known as the Romantic Period. What ideas surrounded this historical time? How might these ideas influence the writers who created their works at this time? Write some questions that arose from your thinking about the ideas as part of […]