For Bill Powell, gone so soon On the Adriatic Sea in the summertime the light on the water is like diamonds at midday. Without shadows the clean blue hues’ incessant sparkling hits the eye and may elicit tears. We lost someone recently, someone who has worked with teachers and schools to support generations of self-directed […]

For Class of 2016 I’m writing this post as we close the school year, and know that perhaps the students who have used this blog with me all year will get this message. Thank you for the learning this year. It’s been a hectic year, but we made it! Mr. Forgy and I have really […]

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Authors write their literary works within a context, a social, economic, and political space and time. Social factors like economics and politics as well as social issues like gender, equality, and the green movement are common social lenses through which literature can be examined. Take a look at…

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Unit: Literary Apocalypse and the Distortion of the Future Unit context: Human ingenuity Concepts: perspective, causation Unit 1 Vocabulary list (addresses Criterion A, Content) Directions: Please purchase a spiral bound pack of index cards. On each card, write the word, which part of speech it is, the definition,…

Here is the list of ideas you came up with today from our unit. Identity Human nature Self Community Power Isolation Perspective Humanity Reason Emotion Man and nature Role of women Individuality Expression of emotion Language Education Ambition Fate and destiny Creativity Appearance vs. reality dialectic Context Imagination Scientific curiosity Interaction Relationship Task: Take 2-3 […]