Action plans have numerous practices that need to be implemented. Here’s a useful collaborative strategy for prioritizing implementation. I’ve used this with different schools including Canadian Academy in Kobe when I was working with Stephen Taylor and the CA faculty to implement creative inquiry. The Purpose of this Strategy The visualization of priorities using a […]

This blog post might end up with a nice title like “Why Collaboration is Key.” But really, it is about why as educators, we can’t just do whatever we want (in isolation). Imagine that you are a student and that the information on this infographic represents a student’s experience in school.   Some students will be […]

The other day I had a badly-designed experience in a restaurant. The food came about 50 minutes after we ordered it, which was bad enough. But the real clunker was, they failed to serve the drinks, which was water for two and an orange fizz for the third. That we had to wait for 50 […]

When faced with the challenge of implementing new practices, often organizations go through an implementation dip because previous expertise no longer suffices in the new programme. The organization can support teachers through some processes, which when combined provide what Drago-Seversen (2009) calls “holding environments” for professional learning. Holding environments are specific structures and processes, which help […]

  “There’s a lot of assumed knowledge here.” This statement by a teacher who was struggling to successfully transform his teaching in an MYP classroom was overheard almost a decade ago during a faculty meeting. It stuck with me because in transitioning to MYP: Next Chapter this year, I have heard similar sentiments as teachers […]

Now that we are only some 80-something days away from the end of the school year, thoughts turn toward what we are completing in our action plan this school year, and what we want to accomplish next school year. As we think about achievements and goals, we are thinking about which protocols to use for […]

“The lone genius is a myth. The most interesting mysteries lie at the intersection of minds.” Stuck in my head is this quote overheard and jotted down during the Thinking Collaborative conference last April. Implementing the MYP reflects the constructivist approach the IB holds at the heart of its pedagogy: the facilitation of sense-making built collaboratively, […]