Sometimes, it’s the scope of cognition that changes how we behave as individuals and groups.

The MYPChat on Twitter this morning raised a few questions that significantly impact the development of the MYP in our schools. How do we implement all the elements of the MYP mindfully balancing teacher workload and program goals? was a question from @reidau1 (who is our MYPChat facilitator this week) which tickled thinking from the conversation […]

Recently preparing for a school evaluation visit and also spending lots of thought on the value of coordination of IB programmes, I’ve appreciated the analogies for leadership of curriculum development that Stephen Taylor used in his blog “Curriculum as a Compass?” and I’ve been thinking about how to extend the analogy to programme implementation. Struck […]

As the story goes, three fish are swimming and meet each other. One of the fish greets the other two, saying, “Hey boys, how’s the water?” They swim past each other. A heartbeat later, one of the pair who was asked the question turns to his companion and says, “What’s water?” Building high performing teams […]

When we talk about creating disruptions to make schools better for all learners, we are talking about agency. The agency inherent in being part of a school community to make it better so learning is at the heart of everything we do. It’s useful to become aware of the layers of leadership to create the […]

When we shift our minds to the function of leading adult learning, what might be some tools that we can use to get started? This post presents a few tools for consideration, which have proved useful and transfer across different contexts. The reader will have to figure out which ones might work for your context […]

This is the first of a series of posts being developed to support the IB Coordinator. As a school visit leader and consultant with the IB Educators Network, it’s an observation that there may be a need for a layer of thinking accompanying the procedural and programme knowledge that is available to coordinators. This is […]