How do we know?

We started an activity on April 12th in class where we began to evaluate our evidence for claims.

For example, does the evidence on page 3 of I Am the Cheese really match the question, “Is Adam a person who doesn’t give up?” or is the passage on page 33 a better piece of evidence?

We want our evidence to match the question we are trying to answer.

Another example is whether “Adam is strong and confident.” Which example mentioned in class allows us to conclude this?

We learned that our conclusions must only be within our evidence, nothing more.

The thinking activity

The  follow up homework is to look closely at the language of your evidence, just like we did when we annotated poetry in the last unit.

Which words support your claim? Would the claim be true if the passage had different words?

What can you conclude about what makes good evidence? 

Please comment on this post as a response to the questions above. Write as concisely as you can. The response is part of formative assessment for this unit and will address Criterion A, Content.

NOTE: As promised, here is the link to the Ways of Knowing diagram that we looked at in today’s lesson.

2.3.1 Chapter 3 Close Reading

In Chapter 3 of Dicey’s Song, we can begin to see the expression of the many conflicts the characters face.

Read closely pages 82-102 by Wednesday, November 9, and write your thoughts on these questions in your notebook/binder/word processing document:

1. Dicey begins to think about her conflicts in life, because of Mr. Chappelle’s English essay assignment. What are conflicts according to Dicey’s thoughts?

2. Mina is trying to make friends with Dicey and so is Jeff. How does Dicey’s poverty affect her friendships?

3. Why is Dicey upset about the apron incident?

4. Why is Gram angry about getting the check from Welfare? Quote three passages that tell you why.

5. Explain what Dicey understood about Gram’s love for the children, on page 102. Is this true?

This work is due Wed Nov 9. Criterion addressed is Criterion A Content.


Background Research for “Dicey’s Song”


Social Welfare System in the US – http://www.welfareinfo.org/

Poverty – http://www.globalissues.org/issue/2/causes-of-poverty

US Poverty and Statistics http://www.census.gov/hhes/www/poverty/


  1. What is social welfare? Use your own words and summarize the ideas in outline form.
  2. To what extent is poverty a problem in the United States? Write a 300-word discussion.
  3. What are three things you learned after reading the resources above that you did not know before? Discuss the 3 ideas in 1-2 paragraphs.

This homework is due Monday, Oct 31. Criterion addressed is Criterion A, Content.

2.1 and what this means

We are going to start using this site for homework for Language A English Year 3 (Grade 8).

If you have questions, you can post them as comments if it is not too urgent (answerable within 24 hours). If the question is urgent please use the school Gmail account to email me.

The title of the post and what it means

The title of this post is 2.1 and that means it is the second quarter (2) and the first week (1). I will post homework here every week.

In each post I will tell you when the HW is due, the Criteria it addresses, and all the other details. I would like you to keep all your homework notes in one place–whether it is a paper based notebook or a wiki or a note-taking software like Evernote. The format is up to you. Just make sure you have notes on each homework.

The first homework will be online tonight.

Ms. Lavina