Self-directed change as performance of understanding In every unit of inquiry there is potential for student-generated assessment. As learning is a response to deliberately designed experiences, learning is a change in the learner’s skills, knowledge, understanding as well as post-unit decisions or actions. Action as a result of learning can be owned and led by […]

Focusing on Research: As a trained librarian, my primary focus is often research. I brought that perspective into my most recent challenge: teaching Individuals and Societies Year 3. Since November, I’ve been teaching two sections of the course, and I’ve learned more than I could ever put into words. The most recent success, though, was […]

The MYP eAssessment is a logical next step for our school. We shifted to a conceptual curriculum three years ago, realizing that learning through a spiraling conceptual curriculum would allow our students to transfer knowledge, understanding, skills and attitudes more easily across a range of open-ended problems to solve. The eAssessment requires this sort of transfer […]

These are some examples of the types of travel writing from our menu. Personal Essays: Where the Roads Diverged by Catherine Watson Why We Travel by Pico Iyer Restaurant Reviews: Restaurant Reviews by Gourmet Traveller Hotel Reviews: A Killer Vacation by James Parker Delano Hotel in Miami by Oyster Reviews Social Commentary: An Unkindness of […]

Thanks for the work you have done on the relationships between choice and quality. I will post the work in a future blogpost along with our joint reflection. This is the oral task we will be performing next Monday and Tuesday. Your task is to present a 7-10 minute presentation on the specific statement “How […]