There is a bridge between teaching and learning made explicit in the IB World through the framework Approaches to Teaching and Learning.

Recently I’ve been thinking about the value of the Personal Project and how the process recalls an important feature of Reggio-inspired learning. In the Reggio philosophy, the learner is on a journey toward identity and place in the world, and learning is research toward finding and shaping that identity through a recursive inquiry process. And […]

The pace of change in the world is an oft-mentioned idea, and actually has been a topic whose presence in conversation and media has gained frequency and predominance for a number of years. A decade ago, we marvelled at the 2008 version of the video Shift Happens. In 2018, we are finally beginning to feel […]

We’ve all met learners who are amazing to watch in their learning process. Learners who exhibit what Annie Murphy Paul calls a high “learning quotient” or highly effective learning approaches tend to do things like: Seek effective feedback Persevere through challenging tasks Self-regulate, self monitor and self modify based on feedback Embrace challenging tasks Engage […]

It’s amazing how much education has changed given that people generally are immune to change (Kegan & Lahey, 2009). Remember when we used to use technology in the ways we would use printed material and paper? The internet was a large library, websites were like virtual books or book collections, and students and teachers created […]

We are improving or we are regressing by standing still. That there is no status quo in organizations (Powell & Kusuma-Powell, 2013) is mirrored in how the world works. Futurist Gerd Leonhard in this video suggests the exponential change we need to address now for the future that seems to be rushing at us sooner […]

You are standing at a place you’ve never been. All you have is a map, your brain, and a will to find out. Your map doesn’t have the GPS voice saying, “Enter the roundabout and take the third exit.” Nevertheless, the map is a tool from which you can glean useful information to make your […]