Thinking our way systemically toward systems implementation.

Especially as it pertains to creating conditions for learning, mandating a pace that might carry forward each and every one in the organization is a delicate and complex bundle of decisions.

With the recent and visible crisis of trust involving Facebook, Thomas Friedman in his NYT op-ed points out that the VUCA world has been speeding up. “We can compete, connect, collaborate and create with more other people in more ways, from more places, for less money and with greater ease than ever before.” And, Friedman […]

This journey toward becoming the aspirational self is the fulcrum of a self-directed individual. Self-directed people are not forced to learn through the mandate of an evaluation of performance. They are not mechanical in their response to students’ learning needs. They are craftspeople, always honing the craft of teaching through emotionally-intelligent responses to the day to day events in their classrooms.

Reading Rick Wormelli’s essay “The Grief of Accepting New Ideas” raised some questions on supporting teachers as they navigate from previous mental models to new mental models of schooling. Wormelli raises some important questions in his essay. “(Do) teachers have the dispositions to make fundamental changes to teaching practices to respond constructively to our changing […]

As the story goes, three fish are swimming and meet each other. One of the fish greets the other two, saying, “Hey boys, how’s the water?” They swim past each other. A heartbeat later, one of the pair who was asked the question turns to his companion and says, “What’s water?” Building high performing teams […]

When we talk about creating disruptions to make schools better for all learners, we are talking about agency. The agency inherent in being part of a school community to make it better so learning is at the heart of everything we do. It’s useful to become aware of the layers of leadership to create the […]