About The Learner’s Toolbox

This is a site for learners and those who facilitate learning. The current purpose of the site is to illustrate aspects of learning from different points of view–students, teachers, administrators, coordinator, and parents.

Aloha used this site with MYP students early in its inception. On May 1, 2015, the site’s name was changed from “The MYP Toolbox” to “The Learner’s Toolbox” to reflect a wider, more inclusive focus on learning.

The views expressed in this site do not necessarily reflect those of our employers.

MYP Toolbox Team

Aloha Lavina
Aloha is an active IB Educator, serving various roles as workshop leader, school visit leader, member, and consultant. She waited for MYP: Next Chapter for 15 years while teaching Languages A and B in Diploma, Language and literature in MYP, and coordinating the MYP. Her most recent inquiry was into the effects of cognitive coaching on professional learning in an IB school, which helped her earn a doctorate with Nova Southeastern University. She continues to be enthused by the developing coherence and articulation throughout the IB continuum.

Gay-Ann Bagotchay
Gay-Ann is MYP Coordinator and co-director at a bilingual IB World School. She teaches MYP Sciences and DP Physics. She serves in the IB Educator Network as a workshop leader, school visit team member and moderator/examiner for Personal Project.

Jennifer Swinehart
Jennifer is MYP Coordinator at Hong Kong Academy.

Kelsey Hedrick
Kelsey is a teacher librarian at an IB World School.

Lennox Meldrum
Lennox is a Principal of an IB World School. He serves in the IB Educator Network as a workshop leader and school visit team member and leader for both the MYP and Diploma. Lennox previously served as part of the curriculum team in the IB global office in The Hague.

Werner Paetzold
Werner is MYP Coordinator at an IB World School. Werner is a Lead Educator in the IB Educators Network, serving as both workshop leader and school visit team member.


  1. Hi Aloha and Werner, It’s been awhile, but perhaps you remember me. I am back in the region and would love to have contact with you and pick your MYP brains on a few topics. I am at Busan International Foreign School with Daun.

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