I’m Aloha, an enthusiastic inquirer into all things that make learning happen.

If you could introduce yourself without naming a job title, what might you say?

I would say, “I’m Aloha, and I have been helping other learners thrive for 28 years.”

I have been thinking out loud on this blog for nine years so that people like you can create conditions for those in your care to learn and thrive.

My goal is to remove barriers to making learning happen in your classroom, teams and organisations, one post and one email at a time.

That happens here on The Learner’s Toolbox. So if your goal is to remove barriers to learning and create human systems where learners thrive, you are in the right place.

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    8 thoughts

    1. Hi Aloha and Werner, It’s been awhile, but perhaps you remember me. I am back in the region and would love to have contact with you and pick your MYP brains on a few topics. I am at Busan International Foreign School with Daun.

    2. Hello Jennifer! We may have opportunity to meet at least on #MYPChat on Twitter. I’ve moved to IBAEM, currently in Zagreb. Please give my best to Daun.

    3. Dear Aloha Lavina,
      Our Youth Years team at Ashoka (www.ashoka.org) has been passing around your article on the agile learner. So much resonates with the driving force behind our work – getting to an Everyone a Changemaker world. (And agile learner maps quite well onto what we call changemaker). We’d love to connect and begin a conversation.
      Maria Acebal

    4. Hello Aloha Ma’am,
      I love reading your blogs. I want to get in touch with you for career guidance. Please let me know how I can get in touch with you.

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