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Michelle Kelly in the Facebook MYPC group prompted this sharing of resources for assessment. Here are some resources that might be useful. 

Assessment Primer

Used with parents and newbies to MYP, this primer describes the assessment system using criteria in accessible language with a detailed example.

How to Arrive at Best Fit

General teacher guidance for how to use the levels of achievement to determine a best fit grade at the end of an evaluation period.

Levels of achievement tracker

Used to record the criterion levels of achievement for every task undertaken in a unit of inquiry. The student may fill in the information on the chart periodically before a unit reflection, or record each task criterion level achieved as the task is marked and given back to the student.

Criteria Summary Sheet with Guidance

This is a summary of an entire grading period (such as a semester). It gathers all the levels of achievement information over two or more units. This can be used to identify trends in achievement and indicate the overall progress of the student over time.

Clarifying levels of achievement template

This is for the subject department to develop a guidance document for their subject group. The template asks for the department to refer to the grade level overviews to identify the specific expectations for their students for that year.

The information that is in the clarifying levels of achievement are:

Command terms for each level – this clarifies the specific performance that the student manifests to earn a specific level of achievement. These command terms are found in each descriptor in the assessment criteria of the subject.

Knowledge – these are usually nouns naming what is found in the task performance, e.g. terminology

Understanding – these are expressions of conceptual learning

Skills – these are the actions manifested in the task performance, which correspond to approaches to learning skills in the ATL framework

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