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It’s one of our concerns to increase collaboration in our teams because of the complex, layered nature of program implementation. I created this video as a ‘bare bones’ intro to the MYP and why collaboration is key to successful implementation.

In the video, we dive into the programme model of the MYP to describe how implementation requires collaboration.

You might use this video to provoke thinking about why the MYP requires strong team collaboration.

A note on the video: It’s got a lot to improve and I’ll upload a better iteration next week. – Aloha

Some of the painful transition points for a teacher new to the MYP are in these questions:

  • How is it different from other programmes?
  • What are the parts of the MYP? What are its essential features?
  • What do I need to know to be successful in this programme?

The video answers these basic questions about the Middle Years Programme. It can help the coordinator or team leader focus on the main features of the programme while helping teachers familiarise with these features.

You might use the video as a launchpad into dialog, conversations which serve to strengthen understanding and lead to in-depth inquiries about the programme.

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The MYP is a complex, layered program that can guarantee a coherent experience with all the moving parts through strong collaboration.

Through collaboration, we can

  • Shape student dispositions and profile traits year after year
  • Design Contextual learning that our students can approach with confidence
  • Create conceptual learning that spirals
  • Explicitly build skills learning that increases in complexity
  • Design Interdisciplinary learning so students can transfer what they know, understand and can do across different subject disciplines

The coherence of the MYP depends on shared knowledge and shared practices. We can achieve this coherence for our students through collaboration as a team.

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