Looking for something special

Here are our resources for the next two weeks’ lessons. Read these texts in a timely fashion and look for something special in the crafting of each text. Take notes of what you see.

Lake Malawi by Marina Lewycka

A Taste of the Best Travel Writing by The Telegraph

Examples of travel writing by the BBC

How did the writer establish a sense of place and time?
How did the writer organise and order scenes? What is the effect of this organisation?
What stylistic features jump out as especially skillfully done?
What are the effects on the audience of the stylistic features?
What strikes you about word choice, use of figurative language, descriptions?
What strikes you about the themes present?
What strikes you about the register, tone, voice of the writer?

We will come up with more questions as we progress through our readings.

Your goal for these readings is to be able to discuss in great detail your views about author’s style and crafting of travel texts, using the texts to justify a claim or to illustrate what you mean.

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