In our discussion on October 17th, you brought up the ideas that the creature in Frankenstein exhibited some human qualities.

  • he appreciated beauty of a spring day (the value of aesthetics)
  • he was eager to find acceptance
  • he was socialized by observing a family
  • he was corrupted by rejection
  • he felt remorse but also sought revenge
  • he learned (there was a change in his behavior and attitudes after experiences)

We then summed up our humanity as a combination of

  • continuous physical development
  • continuous moral development
  • continuous emotional and social development
  • continuous intellectual development

Your next tasks are the following:

  1. Post your inquiry question (as a comment to this post) related to the overall theme of what it means to be human. (DUE DATE: Oct 18)
  2. Choose one of our psychologists from this list: Piaget (intellectual development), Vygotsky (intellectual development), Bruno Bettelheim (emotional and social development), or Richard Sweder (moral development)
  3. Do some research into your chosen theory of personality development
  4. Create a character and show the stages of development according to your psychologist, using a Facebook wall (with photos, status updates, and comments from FB friends), videos, etc.) (DUE DATE: Nov 1)

Join the conversation! 8 Comments

  1. Does being human only means your physical appearance need to be human?

  2. 1. How/when do people learn and train their intellects through time period?

  3. 1) How does one’s identity shift when exposed to extensive bias information?

  4. How circumstances change people’s attitudes over time?

  5. Effects of mental illnesses on social/intellectual development?

  6. How do humans decide on right and wrong?

  7. What are some ways that humans can develop intellectually?


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