Here is the Essential Vocabulary List for our first unit. You will meet some of these words as you read your first text this summer! Kindly read and find out what to do when you meet those words…

The Learner's Toolbox

Unit: Literary Apocalypse and the Distortion of the Future
Unit context: Human ingenuity
Concepts: perspective, causation

Unit 1 Vocabulary list (addresses Criterion A, Content)
Directions: Please purchase a spiral bound pack of index cards. On each card, write the word, which part of speech it is, the definition, the sentence and page number on which it appears for each word. You must use a separate book of index cards for each novel. 20 words per week will be part of a formative assessment task (but the quizzes will not be on the first day of school, so stop worrying.)

Brave New World (Huxley)
1. pallid
2. callow
3. salinity
4. viscosity
5. porous
6. proliferate
7. repugnance
8. liberalism
9. conscription
10. emphatic
11. indefatigable
12. pneumatic
13. flippant
14. disparaging
15. platitudes
16. intrinsically
17. conjectures
18. benevolently
19. pious
20. recapitulated
21. heinous
22. derision
23. squalidly

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