March 7, 2013

The Facebook Observation

How do people change when the setting changes?

Our task for the next three nights is to spend a TOTAL of 30 minutes on Facebook to observe the following:

  • How do people show their levels of intimacy through the language of their posts or conversations on FB?
  • How do people show emotion on FB?
  • Observe one person and make conclusions about them through the: photos they post, the status posts they wrote and other information they share.

Make some conclusions on whether Facebook is a place that changes identity and bring your conclusions to class for a round table discussion on Tuesday March 12.

Please also post your inquiry question as a comment to this post.

Join the conversation! 11 Comments

  1. Is technology shaping identities like never before?

  2. In what ways does facebook construct our identity?

  3. How did the change of recording memories occur in such a short period of time and what are the effects?

  4. To what extent does facebook contribute to our identity, to what extent does it not?

  5. How can we manipulate what other people think of us and other peoples’ memories of us through Facebook?

  6. How does an individual’s FaceBook friends, compared to the individual’s actual number of friends affect the individual’s identity?

  7. Do (or will) virtual experiences overcome real human experiences?

  8. If all the I formation about us were to be destroyed, will the ‘new’ us have a different identities? Why?

  9. How long does it take for a person’s identity to be significantly influenced by their Facebook profile?

  10. How much influence does facebook have on our daily life? How different would our lives be had facebook never existed?

  11. How does the way a person uses Facebook dictate their personality?


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