Making connections between concepts

Here is the list of ideas you came up with today from our unit.

  1. Identity
  2. Human nature
  3. Self
  4. Community
  5. Power
  6. Isolation
  7. Perspective
  8. Humanity
  9. Reason
  10. Emotion
  11. Man and nature
  12. Role of women
  13. Individuality
  14. Expression of emotion
  15. Language
  16. Education
  17. Ambition
  18. Fate and destiny
  19. Creativity
  20. Appearance vs. reality dialectic
  21. Context
  22. Imagination
  23. Scientific curiosity
  24. Interaction
  25. Relationship

Task: Take 2-3 concepts and connect them together. In the context of our unit, state an idea or understanding of those two concepts, in one sentence.

Author: alavina

Cognitive CoachSM and professional development leader at large. Writer and editor at

10 thoughts

  1. The community has the power to shape our perspective and identity to assimilate the society’s perspective; we lose our individuality to the community.

  2. The human nature is isolated with individuality that diverges from one another, we are always eager to create similarities that connects us together in order to gain what we believe as ‘amity’.

  3. Humans have a constant conflict between expressing individuality or sacrificing it to fit into the community, and those isolated cope with the lack of community differently.

  4. It is a never ending dilemma of an individual letting go of their identity in order to conform to a community, or to retain their identity to the fullest extent in favour of isolation, it is usually common, though, to walk the middle way.

  5. Our identity is what represents us to society, and our identity is constructed by our behavior. Our identities are also shaped through past experiences and knowledge. After experiencing something or learning something new, or in a different situation before, we tend to change, which also affects our identity.

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