Unit: Literary Apocalypse and the Distortion of the Future
Unit context: Human ingenuity
Concepts: perspective, causation

Unit 1 Vocabulary list (addresses Criterion A, Content)
Directions: Please purchase a spiral bound pack of index cards. On each card, write the word, which part of speech it is, the definition, the sentence and page number on which it appears for each word. You must use a separate book of index cards for each novel. 20 words per week will be part of a formative assessment task (but the quizzes will not be on the first day of school, so stop worrying.)

Brave New World (Huxley)
1. pallid
2. callow
3. salinity
4. viscosity
5. porous
6. proliferate
7. repugnance
8. liberalism
9. conscription
10. emphatic
11. indefatigable
12. pneumatic
13. flippant
14. disparaging
15. platitudes
16. intrinsically
17. conjectures
18. benevolently
19. pious
20. recapitulated
21. heinous
22. derision
23. squalidly
24. servile
25. mewling
26. turpitude
27. stave
28. flagrantly
29. penance
30. inclinations

The Handmaid’s Tale (Atwood)

1. abasement: lowering in rank or status
2. abject: without self-respect
3. absinthe (French): type of alcoholic drink
4. accountable: made responsible
5. acknowledgement: act of recognizing that sb./sth. is there
6. acquisitive (fml, derog): wanting very much to get sth.
7. adroit: clever, skilful
8. advent: appearance, arrival
9. adverse: opposing, critical
10. affable: pleasant, friendly
11. affront: insult
12. aftermath: time immediately after an important happening
13. Agent Orange: chemical used by the US army in the Vietnam War which had a disastrous effect on many babies born later
14. ailing: ill
15. aisle: walkway between rows
16. akimbo: with your hands on your hips and your ellbows pointing outwards
17. allot sb./sth. to sb.: allow sb. to have sb./sth.
18. allure: attraction
19. amalgamate sth.: join sth. together
20. ambulatory: walking
21. ambush: secret attack
22. antagonize sb.: make sb. angry
23. apathetic: without feeling
24. appease sb.: do sb. favors so they will stay friendly
25. approbation (fml): approval or agreement
26. appropriate sb./sth.: take possession of sb./sth.
27. arched: curved
28. palimpsest: a parchment from which writing has been erased to make room for another text
29. pedantic: overly concerned with minute details
30. debase: to reduce in value or dignity
31. pungent: sharply affecting taste or smell
32. servile: submissive; fawning
33. surly: rude; unfriendly; bad-tempered
34. stipple: a painting made with dots or small spots
35. benevolence: kind, helpful, generous attitude and behavior
36. blatant: done in an obvious and open way
37. bleak: empty and unpleasant
38. coercion: action of forcing sb. to do what they do not want to
39. collusion: act of working together secretly to deceive sb.; secret agreement to do sth. Illegal
40. dissipation: act of behaving immorally

Never Let Me Go (Ishiguro)
1. euphemism
2. clone
3. notion
4. bracken
5. inkling
6. distraught
7. virtually
8. coquettish
9. obscuring
10. deferrals

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