Final Assessment for 2011-2012

Final exam Study Guide: Language A English
MYP Year 3

 A. Content
Elements of Literature:
Character (static, dynamic, flat, round)

  1. Merchant of Venice (concepts): form, function, choices, quality
  2. Poetry (concepts): form, function, choices, quality
  3. I Am the Cheese (concepts): perspective, power, identity
  4. Rice without Rain (concepts): perspective, power, social identity, change and causation
  5. Evaluating evidence for claims made

 B. Organization

  1. Outlining and graphic organizers
  2. Organizing an essay around a thesis statement, topic sentences, and evidence for claims
  3. Introduction, body, conclusion

C.  Language Use and Style

For language, you will need to:

  • Know how to write clear, fluent sentences in an essay. Revise and edit the best way you know how.
  • Know how to explain author’s choices. Many of the quiz questions have recently been asking you about the author’s choices, why they chose to say something in a particular way or their commentary on issues presented in the literature. Be able to explain these choices.

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