AOI: Human Ingenuity
Unit: Gorgeous Words
Unit Question: How does language become beautiful?

Summative assessment will revolve around these layers of meaning:

  • How do the parts fit the whole?
  • How do choices make a difference?
  • How do choices make a design or product, system, idea better?

PHASE ONE. Analysis – Be able to describe and distinguish how different disciplines require choices to be made.
Task 1: Visual

Gather information from your own experiences and portfolio of the different subject areas you study: Arts, Lang A, Lang B, Humanities, Math, Science, ICT and Design, Physical and Health Education. Your information will be in the form of artifacts which show how that discipline requires choices and the choices you made in making that artifact.

PHASE TWO. Find out:
1. What choices do people make while learning in a discipline?
2. How is quality evaluated in the disciplines?
3. What is an example of a product in that discipline, and what makes it good?

PHASE THREE. Organize your information in a format that makes sense to you. We will be using this information for Task 2, Summative Assessment for this unit beginning the week of March 26th.

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