Our new unit will explore the Unit Guiding Question, How does individual freedom balance with social expectations? The AOI is Health and Social Education and we will be investigating How social institutions educate people to follow social norms.

The activities on November 24-25 will be based around the readings posted in this post. You will be working with a trio to read and comprehend the information, and then present it in visual and oral forms to the class.

Visual form: bulletin board display
You will prepare a visual illustration of the information. This can be a diagram, a chart, a graphic display, a photo essay, etc. The objective for the visual display is other students must be able to understand the information through the picture you present.

Oral presentation: 5 minute group report
Your group must use your visual display to present the information about your topic. Your objective is to help other students understand the information and be able to take good notes. You must prepare questions after your presentation that assess understanding of the content you presented.

Criteria addressed in these activities: Criterion A Content and Criterion B Organization.

Water Challenges in the Cholistan Desert, Pakistan
Camel Rearing in the Cholistan Desert of Pakistan
How Rainfall is Harvested in Pakistan Deserts
Festivals in Pakistan
Cholistan Travel Guide

15 Child Brides Used to Settle Tribal Feud
The Culture of Pakistan

Each student is responsible for their own notes on all readings. Each group will report on their own assignment.

Visual displays due Nov 25th. Presentations due November 28 Monday.

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  1. Assignments:
    Water challenges – Danny, Phop and Min Ho
    Rainfall harvesting – Krij, Ken, and Calvin
    Festivals – Irene, Mimi and Ou
    Child brides – Chris, Oum, and Weimin
    Cholistan travel guide – Purba, Fasai and Elly
    Camel rearing – Kelvin and Nat

  2. ms lavina do we just paste everything onto the poster? and what do u mean by presentation is due…? (the presentation part)

  3. Nat, the visual display is actually not a poster, as it is going to be a bulletin board in our classroom. The presentation is an oral report on what you learned in the reading.

    Ms. Lavina


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