2.3.1 Chapter 3 Close Reading

In Chapter 3 of Dicey’s Song, we can begin to see the expression of the many conflicts the characters face.

Read closely pages 82-102 by Wednesday, November 9, and write your thoughts on these questions in your notebook/binder/word processing document:

1. Dicey begins to think about her conflicts in life, because of Mr. Chappelle’s English essay assignment. What are conflicts according to Dicey’s thoughts?

2. Mina is trying to make friends with Dicey and so is Jeff. How does Dicey’s poverty affect her friendships?

3. Why is Dicey upset about the apron incident?

4. Why is Gram angry about getting the check from Welfare? Quote three passages that tell you why.

5. Explain what Dicey understood about Gram’s love for the children, on page 102. Is this true?

This work is due Wed Nov 9. Criterion addressed is Criterion A Content.

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