Essay choices for Dicey’s Song

Here are the essay choices for Dicey’s Song. Please choose ONE and develop it into your five-paragraph essay.

Criteria addressed are A Content, B Organization and C Language Use and Style.

  1. Dicey is rebuilding a boat that she found in Gram’s house. The boat is broken and not able to sail. She is fixing it to make it sail-worthy again. Discuss how this image in the text applies to Dicey’s character and life.
  2. Dicey experiences conflict regarding her Momma. Discuss how this conflict began, how it developed, and how it was resolved in the text.
  3. How do Dicey’s conflicts affect her relationships? Choose three relationships in the text and discuss how they are each affected by Dicey’s internal conflicts.
  4. How has poverty affect Dicey’s conflicts? How does Dicey learn to overcome her poverty? Discuss this idea and how Miss Eversleigh, Gram, and Millie help Dicey to deal with her poverty.
  5. How similar are Gram and Dicey in how they deal with conflict? Discuss their similarities, emotionally and as characters, and their responses to the obstacles of their lives.
  6. How similar or different do Sammy, James and Dicey deal with their conflict regarding Momma? Discuss each character’s ways of dealing with being ‘abandoned’ by their mother and how each one resolved their conflict in the end.

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