2.1 and what this means

We are going to start using this site for homework for Language A English Year 3 (Grade 8).

If you have questions, you can post them as comments if it is not too urgent (answerable within 24 hours). If the question is urgent please use the school Gmail account to email me.

The title of the post and what it means

The title of this post is 2.1 and that means it is the second quarter (2) and the first week (1). I will post homework here every week.

In each post I will tell you when the HW is due, the Criteria it addresses, and all the other details. I would like you to keep all your homework notes in one place–whether it is a paper based notebook or a wiki or a note-taking software like Evernote. The format is up to you. Just make sure you have notes on each homework.

The first homework will be online tonight.

Ms. Lavina

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