Thinking our way systemically toward systems implementation.

A meeting protocol which uses dialog to surface assumptions, clarify group identity, and moves into a discussion leading into focus and action plans.

Polarities consist of the tension between two stances, and often they are perceived as problems when they are not; polarities co-exist, and when organizations address one to the neglect of the other, the imbalance creates conflict, or at least disagreement.

There is a bridge between teaching and learning made explicit in the IB World through the framework Approaches to Teaching and Learning.

This inspiring manifesto by brings to mind the ongoing paradigm shift that education is traversing. As with tectonic plates, which move around 0.6 inches per year (the same rate as toenail growth, the National Ocean Service informs us), shifts in education have been characteristically slow. Thought leaders such as Yong Zhao and Ted Dintersmith, Tony […]

It’s a long journey and a complex one. How might we inquire our way toward building a successful MYP?

“Out beyond ideas of right and wrong, there is a garden. I’ll meet you there.”
– Jelaluddin Rumi