We’ve all met learners who are amazing to watch in their learning process. Learners who exhibit what Annie Murphy Paul calls a high “learning quotient” or highly effective learning approaches tend to do things like: Seek effective feedback Persevere through challenging tasks Self-regulate, self monitor and self modify based on feedback Embrace challenging tasks Engage […]

Revisiting interdisciplinary learning pivoting on approaches to learning skills brings the metaphor of an alloy. An alloy is created when two or more elements are physically fused into a new substance, but it retains the properties of something strong, a metal, even though the alloy itself may contain nonmetal elements (Helmenstine, 2017). (One of the […]

It’s amazing how much education has changed given that people generally are immune to change (Kegan & Lahey, 2009). Remember when we used to use technology in the ways we would use printed material and paper? The internet was a large library, websites were like virtual books or book collections, and students and teachers created […]

We are improving or we are regressing by standing still. That there is no status quo in organizations (Powell & Kusuma-Powell, 2013) is mirrored in how the world works. Futurist Gerd Leonhard in this video suggests the exponential change we need to address now for the future that seems to be rushing at us sooner […]

One of the most challenging tasks for a school leader is to have a positive impact on overall student learning without necessarily being a classroom teacher (Powell and Kusuma-Powell, 2013). Whether a school leader is a department head, coordinator or principal, he or she must influence the organization’s capacity to nurture, challenge and bring about […]

We finally sorted out our mentoring groups for the passion pathways, today. For weeks, students have been clarifying their Personal Vision Plans. They’ve done research on their personal goals, including viewing videos of interviews on the Naviance platform on what brought individuals to their passions, how they pursued becoming experts at learning for their fields, […]

A recent workshop on inquiry approaches to teaching and learning surfaced a lot of questions about the visibility of the learning process. Some of the questions that emerged from the inquiry were, How do we know our students are learning? What might we do to create experiences to facilitate learning? What might we do to […]