A recent workshop on inquiry approaches to teaching and learning surfaced a lot of questions about the visibility of the learning process. Some of the questions that emerged from the inquiry were, How do we know our students are learning? What might we do to create experiences to facilitate learning? What might we do to […]

Building our Toolkit for Inquiry Learning The Background Story My school is revisioning our future. We have been working toward co-creating a model of education, which takes the best of our strengths and using these to design and enact a new Learning Ecosystem. Our vision is simple. What we want is… All students will be […]

How do we know what’s worth learning? We know that every student starts from a place of their own: their conceptual mental models, skills or competencies, and habits of mind are at unique places. We also know that as a learning organization, we endeavor to provide high levels of learning for all in the 3C’s, […]

You are standing at a place you’ve never been. All you have is a map, your brain, and a will to find out. Your map doesn’t have the GPS voice saying, “Enter the roundabout and take the third exit.” Nevertheless, the map is a tool from which you can glean useful information to make your […]

Sometime ago, a student came into my office and he spoke with passion about how he wished people would greet each other in the hallways. His eyes began to tear up as he described what I began to imagine was a community behaving in interdependent ways, each person having personal regard for others. What the […]

Today our community dug the first shovelfuls of earth on the way to build a new purpose-built campus. This building will give back to the city, absorbing enough solar energy to power our whole school year, with the produced energy throughout the year yielding enough to put back into the city at the summer’s start. […]

Teaching holds the tension between certainty and ambiguity. When teachers plan units and lessons, we draw upon our craft knowledge to design a series of experiences with logic, flow, coherence, and outcomes, to name a few aspects. And teaching is ambiguous at the same time because in the course of a lesson, students respond in […]